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Client Testimonials

Scott Anthony is a disrupting and game-changing entrepreneur, business coach, milion-dollar business builder and a motivator with 1000’s of happy clients.

I woke up this morning feeling refreshed and wanting to send you this. I had a good sleep. You’re so right. It’s about perspective, the “how” and being ruthless! I didn’t know what to expect from our call… sometimes when talking to someone you have no idea what’s going on on the other side, but you made me feel that our time together was our time. I have never felt so connected to a conversation about myself where I could just let go, listen, share and absorb. Sometimes you just need someone to give it to you straight up. You reminded me of the simplicity life- personal and professional can be so I don’t miss exactly what it is I’m looking for. I woke up thinking, “Scott is right. I’m a queen. Now how do I want to be treated today.” Somehow that’s already lifted whatever cloud was hanging over my head. Who knew one call could have such an immediate impact? Thank you for having such a genuine conversation. For the inspiration and spark of courage. The world is grateful to have you.


The ability to encourage others is a skill and a character quality that is needed more today than ever before; and yet it is increasingly hard to find. Fortunately, Scott Anthony has it in spades, and he leaves a trail of encouraged people everywhere he goes.”

Scott’s words are like a soothing, healing balm that remind you of who you are no matter what situation you are in. When he speaks to you, you are reminded of your essence and know that you can do what you were meant to do in this world.

Scott, I think you’re very personable! From the first day I met you I felt we were old friends. The reason why I keep popping in to visit you when I’m in town because you make me feel important. No matter how busy you are you always pop out to say hello and you don’t make me feel I’ve interrupted your day (though most likely I have!). I think you’re a genuine good guy and you have integrity – and that comes through in your work. I believe your success has more to do with who you are, than what you do. Your sense of humour, wit, creativity, drive and passion are your garnishes. Underneath it all is substance – you’re a good man Scott.

Grace M

Scott , what an amazing journey you are on right now, I am super proud of you and am inspired to follow my dreams. When I first met you I honestly thought you were a snobby good looking rich kid who had everything on a silver platter….. This changed as I got to know you. I learned that you had far more substance than I believed. You were caring, protective of your trusted friends, reserved because of your experiences and kind. You hid so much from people which I initially perceived to be arrogance but it self preservation of your self. As time went by I saw you begin to grow and share your experiences and trust more and have more belief in who you were as a person. There were times when your frustration and anger with your life showed, you had a few temper tantrums but at no point did you ever take it out on anyone. You always cared for your friends but you showed no mercy to anyone who betrayed your trust. I loved, and still do, love having you as a friend because of your integrity, determination and care of others who you consider friends. It’s an honour to know you and inspiring to see you live your dreams.

Linda G

Scott, your stories are totally captivating as told fully from the heart. They’ve made me laugh, cry, and open up my own heart. I will never forget some of the stories you’ve told about your relationships with your family.

Ben B