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I show you the exact method I use to smash through my mental blocks.

Navigating FEAR

In LIFE there are a few things that we can never deny.

FEAR is one of them. It will always be present in our lives, but we can control how much it IMPACTS our lives.

We can surrender to it, and allow it to hold us each back from reaching our true potential… or we can navigate our way through the state of FEAR, and create the lifestyle, health and dreams we have always believed we are capable of making come true..

FEAR that has the ability to make us believe what we want to achieve or what we want to create, just may not be possible.

We often find ourselves in the act of ‘Momentum Stagnation’, but we can push through the FEAR, break it down for exactly what it is, then work our forward and proving that FEAR wrong.

Too many times false FEARS hold us back yet we cannot touch it. As a figment of our imagination, it is only a thought process and an emotion, it’s a limiting belief that we place upon ourselves for simple lack of belief.

Once we can learn to control the FEAR and understand WHY we have it as our co pilot. THEN we can easily slip past it and never again allow it to hold us back and stop us from living the lives we are destined to create.

Why DREAMS Matter

You are living proof that DREAMS can come true. You may or may not have been happy with your childhood, but the facts remain, as long as you are standing in this moment, you are living the very dream that you held in your mind from when you were very young.

What happens to us is proof that we have what it takes. We taught ourselves to walk, talk and eat. Others wanted to show us how, and maybe encourage and show us how, then hold us up when we would fall perhaps..

But it was not until WE decided to make that dream come true that things began to change. The first thought we all had as children is often to be an astronaut, fireman, nurse, doctor or policeman etc.

From then forward we slowly but surely become ‘Conditioned’ by life and what others either tell us or we decide to start believing ourselves.

Our dreams when we are young are the inspiration that keeps us alive and the fuel that burns in our mind. When we were children, we could not wait until ‘we were older’ , and we had so many dreams on how our lives would unfold.. As children, we were invincible….

Where we are today is a result of some of those dreams coming true, and others still waiting to be fulfilled.


WE are in the driver’s seat of our own lives. We can decide how we can SHAPE our future.

Too many times we all watch as an opportunity for CHANGE comes our way and we let it slip through our fingers for FEAR of the great ‘UNKNOWN’.

When the same opportunity comes some one else’s way and they take MASSIVE ACTION and make it a success, it was their decision that made the difference.

The beliefs of ‘we are not good enough’ syndrome, sometimes comes into play, or the false excuses we say to ourselves is what holds us back for fear of failure.

It is NOT the opportunity itself, but it is the PERSPECTIVE of the person who takes ACTION which defines their success.

When we start to learn from past experiences, both good and bad, and use them to’REFINE’ us and not ‘DEFINE’ us, then we can achieve anything we set our minds to.

To THINK + BELIEVE + take MASSIVE ACTION is the KEY step to changing your future.

By using this simple and predictable ‘KEY’, everything in life is POSSIBLE.