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Skinned knees

by Sep 20, 2016Uncategorized0 comments

‘Skinned Knees… Hell Yeah!’

You’ve heard it before but today IS the day that the rest of your lives begin.

So get those hopes, dreams and exciting ideas you have locked away somewhere deep inside… and bring them out for the world to see.

Not everything needs to be perfect before you start to win…

One step forward and one effort made today is the perfect answer to overcoming the nagging fears and doubts that creep in when things don’t go quite to plan.

Everyone fails and falls over time and time again…

It is NORMAL!…

You are Normal… We are all the same just wrapped in different skins and body suits..

But the number one thing that makes us unique is the determination to never give up and press on forward each and every day with our own flavour and styles.

If we are falling over it is a great thing…

It shows we are on the right track …

As so many others are worried about skinning their knees so they stay on the lounge and never try..

You are here for a reason!

You are meant to fall and discover how great you are by looking up from the fall and getting back up and going again.

It is THERE that we learn the most..

And the real truth that most people don’t realise is we are so scared about how we look or how we feel,

…that we forget to look behind us and see how far we have already each come.

So worry less and just get back up and do one more thing… right now!

Because there are people like me and others watching you this very moment who are cheering you on and know how AWESOME you already are!

So tell yourself you can do this, because everyone else already knows you can.. …

…We’re just waiting to see you believe it too.

So never forget … When you begin to doubt…

3 key words … ‘Yes You Can!’

Start to believe in yourself again …and let rip with a
“Hell Yeah!”