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Every child, no matter how old our bodies, has a super bright future ahead.

Certainly others will surely try to compress and conform them,

But the key to finding the happy space to let them flourish and maintain your own sanity is to show them ‘Their Space’.

Like everyone, we all want to be heard, cared for, loved, respected, admired, enjoyed, taught, laughed with, empowered, welcomed and embraced.

In return we want to give and share, love and give pleasure, share abundance and offer hope, create smiles and touch lives, motivate and empower, lift up and show ‘inclusion’ to others who feel left out but want to feel wanted.

By giving structure (and I hate structure – but use it to control aspects of me),
you can inspire yours and perhaps ourselves, to wait for their ‘moment’ then fire up on all cylinders.

It is about helping them to hold hold hold then let loose and use their time to make magic happen.

Think Robbin Williams.

A superb man and giver of smiles hopes and dreams yet struggling with his own.

When your and yours understands there are set times when ‘the floor’ is their’s to perform or share, they will then know this is solidly guaranteed and will patiently wait their turn.

It is the FEAR of not being seen, accepted or truly heard that drives us to do what we each do.

Life is filled with lessons and more of the experience comes from having 4 children of my own…

Like us all, ours and all others are just craving the same and through allocated and know time slots you will Master this enthusiasm.

Be certain though that there are no distractions and all phones and others are silent during their ‘special time’

With this practice you will release and watch grow an amazing human being that will give so much love and inspiration to so many including them and yourself.

PS. Missing their time slot will foster more of the same behaviour because once this happens and no new time is given, they will again ark up and fall back into old habits.

The energy will propell them forward and the chains of patience will be broken for FEAR of them not getting ‘their’ time again ‘like last time’.

It is not a ‘problem’ as some like to see,

But a mis-reading of the enthusiasm and  energy to want to be included and liked by others when they show what they have to share.

When you harmess this approach you will continue to release and build super strong, both a disciplined and potent weapon of a person who will change other people’s lives.

It’s what they want to do and it is often why they start with those who they want love and acceptance from the most .

We are all so lucky…

They are already and will continue to be outstanding.

We are the craftsmen and women, and they are the clay.

What we inspire them to become is by our own making and determination to encourage self belief and value.