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Remember when we were kids, we were always told not to talk to strangers…

But as an adult, strangers actually hold the keys to helping us grow from where and who we are to who and where we want to go or become.

It is a strange way the touch of a stranger and the encouragement of a friends can all be captured in a moment and can change a persons life.

When the universe send people into our lives when we need them the most, the world can feel like a safer place.

Because we can always start to re-believe in ourselves… and when we do, things work themselves out and we can develop the courage to venture forward one more time.

As the years have gone by and when I have needed someone to learn from, try on, ask for support or share advice, life has an uncanny way of making the right people come into our space if we keep our eyes open.

Being You is enough and the rest of the world is going to be excited to see what you can bring forward in your voice and in your own special and unique way.

So get back up if you are ever feeling down and know for certain that you are here for a very special purpose and it is waiting for you to discover it and share with the world.

Too many people just try to fit in and go unnoticed for fear of being singled out and seen as different.

Celebrate being you and embracing the difference that you have, bring and share..

It’s what the world needs right now and who better to bring your message than you.

We’re waiting… What are you waiting for?